Worlds Collide

Apr 10 2009

So I’m bookmarking things with my Delicious account, having fun with my twitter thing, uploading photos to my flickr account, and occasionally logging into facebook and wondering why the heck I even have a facebook account.

not to mention Youtube, Vimeo, my blog, my design portfolio, ….all this stuff of mine scattered over the internet.

So if you’re like me, you begin to say to yourself: “Self, I’d really like for lurkers and stalkers to be able to subscribe to ALL of my internet activities and get summaries of them on ONE page, or ONE FEED.”

Well, say hello to “Lifestreaming: a chronological aggregated view of your life activities both online and offline.”

You’ll notice that I’ve decided to use Friendfeed to accomplish this. (added it to my sidebar) Apparently it’s one of the best tools of many to do this sort of thing.

In all honesty, I’d been wanting to pull everything together like this for awhile, but only caught on to the concrete idea when I saw the “lifestream” on Matt Herzberger’s site. Thanks for clueing me in, Matt.

My online worlds can now coalesce and inbreed. Maybe a better analogy would be Trail Mix. Let the stalking, lurking begin.

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