Nerds Unite Against Outlook 2010

Jun 25 2009

For the few E-Newsletters and fancy html email invites that I’m called on to design/code/send, there is a mountain of pain and suffering that nobody else in my office could even begin to understand.  So I suffer in silence.

The first day of my vacation. And what am I doing? Reading posts about web standards for html email.

Microsoft’s Lame attempt at explaining their decision to AGAIN use the Word rendering engine for Outlook 2010, ..has solicited some great/entertaining comments:

Tim Dawson says:

“[click here to] Read this issue online if you can’t see the images or are using Outlook 2007.”

– Quoted from the official Microsoft Xbox newsletter.

Even your company’s own marketing teams cant send out appealing newsletters using the tools you are providing.

Jamie Newman says:

Outlook is the only client that seems to purposely cripple industry-recognized HTML standards in order to allow Word (a Word Processor NOT an email message composer!) to build emails of a poor standard and limited by yesterdays technolgoies.

And before some misguided argument about ensuring a safe experience for the user – the rendering engine should be no different to a web browser which also gives the user the same security preferences and lets them make an informed choice.

What I and thousands of developers want to know is – why should Outlook go against what all other email clients are doing and make our lives a living hell?!

Robert Burke says:

You say your users can make professional grade emails without having to be HTML experts. I have yet to see one person in any place I work use Outlook to generate tables and graphs, they use Word Docs (if they know how, which most people don’t), and attach them to the email.

Outlook’s, and thusly, Word’s capabilities are so far outside what the majority of everyday business people can comprehend. You rarely see anyone capable of using Word/Excel/Powerpoint to their fullest extent because most people aren’t Office literate enough to make use of it all.

You are obviously only thinking from an internal business point of view and not the whole world.

David Kaneda says:

Apologies if this is a bit of a flame comment, but come on — it’s Outlook 2010. One would think it could render HTML emails better than Netscape Navigator 4. Like I said, this is just absurd.

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  1. There’s one guarantee here. Even with the hundreds of comments on their post, and the thousands of tweets, Microsoft will still blissfully ignore the voice of the community. They are just too big to care. When we see an MS rep honestly respond to this feedback and not issue canned responses, then I’ll perk up. Until then, I’m forced to code like its 1999.

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