University Infographics: Yes, you should.

Apr 25 2012

According to the report Content, The New Marketing Equation, “Visual information reigns supreme, from video to images to infographics.”

This revolutionary insight, filed under the “duh” category just beneath “Most mammals have fur,” is obvious to most everyone. But wait, that last word: infographics. They are powerful, yet under-utilized.

Printed as posters or shared online, the infographics I’ve collected below serve to promote degree programs, academic departments, alumni, and giving.



University of Missouri: College of Engineering (via)





Scholarship information from the University of Kansas (via)



Macalester College: Financial Aid by the Numbers (via)


Red McCombs gave a $50 million gift to, wait for it.. The Red McCombs School of Business. This infographic shows how the money was used:


The Campaign for Georgetown: (via)



William and Mary: Alumni Infographic



Oklahoma University: College of Engineering: (via)


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  1. I love the theoretical concept of the “infographic”. Design as communication.

    Yet, while beautiful, I find the vast majority of infographics simply confusing. Typically, they’re trying to tell too much of a story.

    Even most of these “good” examples here were hard for me to understand.

    Although, Macalester’s Financial Story was clear and simple. As was Oklahoma U’s How to Apply. But these were arguably the two “least” infographic-y examples here.

    Just me who loves the theory, but still questions whether or not these are the best ways to tell these stories?

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