Unauthorized Biography

Myself and OffspringDrew Stephens began his career as a corporate web/print designer and languished in that capacity until 2006 when he took a position of Web Design Manager at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Then in 2013, he moved on to another “web guy” job at the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

Drew still takes pride in the fact that he didn’t know what a “provost” was until his second month of employment. He maintains a blog about his experiences as a university web developer at collegewebguy.com and a portfolio containing samples of his mediocre work at thisisdrew.com/portfolio.

Life Timeline:

  • October 1979: Born
  • 1979 – 1984: Watched an inordinate amount of sesame street
  • 1987: Learned how to read
  • 1998: Began college after graduating from the prestigious Malvern High School
  • 2001: Proposed to future wife at local Waffle House
  • 2006: Had kid
  • 2008: Wrote this bio in third person. Had another kid. Sold Dirtbike.  Bought mini-van.

Graphic Design / Web Nerdiness Timeline:


  • 1991: Drew’s dad bought an old IBM. Drew spent days and weeks of time with a quirky version of Paint.
  • 1994: In high school he discovered the PC version of Deluxe Paint II, which had been ported from the Amiga. This was the clincher. Drew decided he wanted to pursue a career in “computer graphics”. Weeks later he would clandestinely copy the entire application to a single floppy so he could use it at home.
  • Pivotal year of 1996: At age 15, Drew realized that in addition to his free hotmail account, he could get a free website at Geocities. Anyone in the entire world who had an internet connection could bask in it’s glory.

Drew would spend his remaining high school years and entire college career cutting his teeth on html and web graphics, tinkering with his personal website. First at Geocities, then on his domain at thisisdrew.com. Drew went through Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, then eventually wordpress, using all of them at some point to manage his online journal, which recently died due to neglect.

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